For Volunteering

Who can volunteer?

We welcome our community to come and help us in our kitchen, serve meals from our Angelmobile, drive our fleet of mobile soup kitchen vehicles, support our Angel Babies events, and more! Signing up for our bi-weekly newsletter will let you know about our regular weekly shifts as well as micro-but-crucial opportunities for volunteering.

How do I sign up?

The best way to get involved is by signing up for one of our upcoming volunteer shifts. Please definitely sign up so we know how many volunteers to expect to minimize overcrowding!

Everything you’d need to know about available volunteer shifts and times can be found by visiting our Deed page. Attending your shift is important since we often have a waitlist! If you can’t make it to your scheduled shift, just let us know so that we won’t be short staffed.

To opt into our bi-weekly newsletter-type email and to have a greater sense of our emerging needs, write to us at volunteer@northbrooklynangels.org and we will add you to our mailing list! And of course, follow us on Instagram (@northbrooklynangels) if you’re on it.

If you are interested in driving our truck, please reach out to us at volunteer@northbrooklynangels.org and let us know! We are always looking for drivers.

What opportunities are available to children?

Our policy regarding minors volunteering with us is to have the interested parent volunteer with us a few times first so they have an idea of the layout of the shift and kitchen. With advanced notice, the parent can then volunteer with their children. Given the intensity of the pace at the kitchen and our need to have meals prepared for distribution in a tight timeframe, we have to balance newcomers and minors with veteran volunteers.

That said, our board is working on building a monthly volunteer opportunity to involve local families and younger children. To learn more, opt into our bi-weekly newsletter by emailing volunteer@northbrooklynangels.org! We’ll make sure you’re put on it without a problem!

Are there opportunities to volunteer besides your weekly lunch shifts?

Yes! Our bi-weekly newsletter will list these opportunities, or check in with us on social media for special opportunities including a Sunday Breakfast Shift, our seasonal Angel Babies events, as well as support for other special initiatives.

Can I bring a group to volunteer?

We welcome local businesses and sponsors to schedule a group of 5 or more. Please contact us at volunteer@northbrooklynangels.org.

Besides volunteering, what other ways can I be involved?

Our organization runs on volunteers and incredibly lean staffing, so financial sponsorships and donations are essential! You can make a donation here.

For Meals

Where can I find the Angelmobile during the week?

Here is our Angelmobile schedule. All meals are first come, first served and we have limited meals at each location. If possible, please arrive a few minutes earlier than the schedule suggests for each location!

Who can get a meal?

Our hot meals are available to anyone who shows up at our community meal locations during the designated days and times of the week.

Do we need to show ID or proof of residence?

If you show up, we are happy to offer you a hot meal! No proof of residence or ID is required.

From time-to-time every few months, we do require signatures for our meals and grocery giveaways. All information is kept for counting purposes for our major funders and remains confidential.

Do you offer any other services?

Our Angel Babies project is a big volunteer driven giveaway event meant for local, new and expectant families in need of resources. You can get involved by volunteering, donating, hosting a drive or dropping off donations. We have more information here, and our bi-weekly newsletter (sign up by emailing us at volunteer@northbrooklynangels.org!) will give you timely information regarding Angel Babies events.


Do you take donations of food?

Thank you so much for thinking of us! We partner with Rethink Food and other bulk food supply partners like Food Bank for NYC, City Harvest and Trader Joe’s food donations.

We do not take regular pantry donations. Donors are better off directing food to the community fridges in North Brooklyn. A map can be found here.

Do you take donations of household goods and adult clothing?

Thank you for thinking of us! We do not accept in-kind donations of household goods and adult clothing. From time to time, we will put a “call” out for some supplies for our kitchen, such as collapsible milk crates, and minor kitchen tools. You’re always more than welcome to ask by emailing fundraising@northbrooklynangels.org just in case!

North Brooklyn has so many opportunities for donations of adult clothing, so we focus on collecting maternity/infant/children clothing and related supplies on a seasonal basis. So we do not accept adult clothing, but we’d be happy to refer you to a local partner who does! Just email us.


Is North Brooklyn Angels a religious organization?

We get this question from time to time because of our cherished partnerships with local churches! North Brooklyn Angels is a secular non-profit organization that prioritizes working in our community with, and serving individuals of all backgrounds. We partner with local church organizations because of their footprint in the community and because they also graciously host our mobile soup kitchen vehicles and other pop-up events for the community.