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It is no surprise as the cost of food and rents continue to soar higher each year that hunger persists in every corner of our neighborhood. The problem of food insecurity isn't just found in our homeless community; it is seniors struggling with fixed incomes & rising medical costs, children from working families that can't put a healthy meal on the table every night, the students who skip multiple meals in order to afford transportation to class, working families that find it hard to feed themselves at the end of the month, your neighbor across the hall or down the street living paycheck to paycheck, and larger pockets of poverty where whole communities in our neighborhood encounter hungry days. The meal gap can be anywhere from a couple meals a month to a daily struggle to eat.

By donating money and sponsoring a meal, you embody our central mission of neighbors helping neighbors. Our grassroots mission is to serve 1,000 meals a week. We are raising funds for 2020. For as little as $4, we can feed one person a healthy, hot meal. $20 feeds them hot meals all week. $80 provides a week of lunches for a family of 4. $800 provides lunch for 200, an entire meal service. $4,000 equals a week of meals. $16,000 provides a whole month of weekday meals. Give a meal in honor of a loved one, give to help a hungry neighbor, donate because North Brooklyn is a community that strives to take care of its own and together we can work on addressing this basic issue of inequality.

To invest in a neighborhood without hunger, donate here or mail a check payable to:

North Brooklyn Angels
42 West Street #202
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Recurring donations are the best way to give steady support.