Angelmobile Meals

North Brooklyn Angels aims to cook & serve 1,000 meals per week to the food insecure in our community. Each weekday, the Angelmobile currently serves around 100-225 meals depending on the site and the weather. Volunteers cook and serve all the food served in our community meals.


MONDAY’s Community Meal In Greenpoint


862 Manhattan Avenue: The truck is parked in front of the steps of the St Anthony of Padua-St. Alphonsus church at the intersection of Manhattan Avenue and Milton Street.


TUESDAY’s Community Meal on the Southside


240 Division Avenue: The truck is parked across the street from the Williamsburgh Library on the Division Avenue Overpass, between Marcy Ave & Rodney Street.


WEDNESDAY’s Community Meal In East Williamsburg/Bushwick


195 Maujer Street: The truck is parked in front of St. John the Evangelist Lutheran Church, across the street from the Williamsburg Houses


THURSDAY’s Community Meal in East Williamsburg


Cooper Park Houses: The truck is parked in front of the playground at the intersection of Jackson Street and Debevoise Avenue.


FRIDAY’s Community Meal in Bushwick & the Northside


157 Johnson Ave: The truck is parked on Johnson Ave outside the Most Holy Trinity parking lot.

1 Havemeyer Ave: A meal is served from our community kitchen