The North Brooklyn Coalition of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, otherwise known as the North Brooklyn Angels, is a 501© tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

As North Brooklyn continues to see a blossoming of wealth and buzz with record increases in real estate values and rental prices, million-dollar movie productions, and trendy lifestyle pieces, we must recognize that there are also many truly needy people struggling in our community. In response to the hunger, poverty, and homelessness that exists in our neighborhood, a group of residents have come together to organize the North Brooklyn Angels. Our first project is a mobile soup kitchen equipped with office space. Through the mobile soup kitchen, our Angelmobile, we plan to create a “busload” of hope, love, and nutrition, serving our needy neighbors at strategic locations around the neighborhood. Additionally, we hope to promote and provide space for the many wonderful charitable & human service programs already operating in our community. Our main goal is to provide ample opportunity for residents to volunteer and help their neighbors. We will start by serving meals, but we have a long list of creative ideas for ways for us to join together and build an equitable community.