Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Hey there Brooklyn! We are the North Brooklyn Angels and we're your neighbors. We have come together to form a hyper-local, grassroots organization to address the many needs that exist in our own backyard: hunger, poverty, homelessness and housing instability.


We’re so proud to announce that our first project, the Angelmobile, is serving hot lunch 5 days a week at various locations around the neighborhood

Bringing a Busload of Help

We have built a custom food truck complete with office space that will operate as a mobile soup kitchen. Thanks to the generous donations and support of The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island and Norm & Elaine Brodsky our Angelmobile will be able to bring healthy meals and resources right to the places they are most needed. We will start out by serving lunch at five sites around North Brooklyn and hope to eventually expand to more meals. In addition to feeding people, our office area will furnish space for local groups to provide health services, housing counseling, and a new opportunity to showcase the great social justice programming that exists in our community.

Stop by and say hello when you see us out in the neighborhood. We look forward to hearing all your ideas about how neighbors can help neighbors.

How Can You Help?

Our Angelmobile is only the beginning, there’s lots more good to do. If there’s an issue you are passionate about, say homelessness, then join us and help create a local and loving solution.

Be an Angel

Show some love where you live. Make a donation so we can do even more for our neighbors.

Give Your Time

The Angelmobile is mostly staffed by volunteers. We need daily volunteers to help serve food. In addition, you can share your skills to help promote, fund, and advertise the project.

Build Community

Are you ready to organize around neighbors in need? Do you have ideas how to solve a community issue?

Angelmobile Meals

Our Stories

Our goal is to be the gathering point where newer residents join with longtime residents and utilize their creativity, sense of social justice, passion, and skills to aid the disadvantaged members of the North Brooklyn community who are struggling with change. In the process, we hope to demonstrate that the most effective sustainable change occurs when neighbors help neighbors.

Learn about the people in our neighborhood, the projects that are being developed to address issues of concern, and the volunteers that fuel our work.

Did You Know?

Food Insecurity

“When we think of Brooklyn we think of it as a foodie paradise; we think of the beautiful brownstones and we think of the high-rises. And the view from the high-rises is need.” -- Margarette Purvis, CEO NYC Food Bank.

Brooklyn has the highest rate of food insecurity in NYC at 20% of its population

The meal gap reaches a shortfall as high as 11 meals per week in some communities within North Brooklyn

SNAP Benefits Recipients: Bushwick 23,501 households & 42,723 individuals Williamsburg/ Greenpoint 23,204 households & 59,796 individuals

Housing Instability

“Nothing more clearly expresses the inequality gap…than the soaring cost of housing” – Mayor Bill DeBlasio, 2015 State of the City Speech

87,000 New Yorkers applied for 104 subsidized apartments — 836 applicants per unit — in the Domino Sugar Factory redevelopment in Williamsburg

Average rent increases from 1990 to 2010-2014: Brooklyn - 30% Greeenpoint/ Williamsburg - 78.7% Bushwick – 44%

26% of renters in Greenpoint & Williamsburg and 33% of renters in Bushwick have severe rent burden, paying more than 50% of their income


“We have more poor people in Brooklyn than the entire population of Detroit; we have more people on food stamps than the entire population of Washington, D.C.,” Gelber said. “Yet there are more wealthy people than in Greenwich, Conn.” –Marilyn Gelber, Brooklyn Community Foundation

In 2013, Brooklyn Community District 1 Greenpoint/ Williamsburg had the highest child poverty rate out of all 59 NYC districts

Nearly 20% of Brooklyn households have an income of $100,000 or more per year; more than 20% of borough residents live in poverty.

In Bushwick, 32% of households fall under the poverty line, making it the 7th poorest neighborhood in NYC. About 75% of the children are born into poverty.


The North Brooklyn Coalition of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, otherwise known as the North Brooklyn Angels, is a 501© tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

As North Brooklyn continues to see a blossoming of wealth and buzz with record increases in real estate values and rental prices, million-dollar movie productions, and trendy lifestyle pieces, we must recognize that there are also many truly needy people struggling in our community. In response to the hunger, poverty, and homelessness that exists in our neighborhood, a group of residents have come together to organize the North Brooklyn Angels. Our first project is a mobile soup kitchen equipped with office space. Through the mobile soup kitchen, our Angelmobile, we plan to create a “busload” of hope, love, and nutrition, serving our needy neighbors at strategic locations around the neighborhood. Additionally, we hope to promote and provide space for the many wonderful charitable & human service programs already operating in our community. Our main goal is to provide ample opportunity for residents to volunteer and help their neighbors. We will start by serving meals, but we have a long list of creative ideas for ways for us to join together and build an equitable community.



Ryan Kuonen
Ryan Kuonen
Executive Director
Cladell Lewis
Claudell Lewis
Angelmobile Lead Driver & Coordinator
Felice Kirby
Felice Kirby
Special Projects Director
Alan Minor
Alan Minor
Digital Director